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At Gone Home, we take care and pride in creating items that add artistic touches to your home and garden. We create beautiful pieces of art for dining, entertaining, decorating and everyday function. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to bring whimsy to your life.

Whether for individual pleasure, gifts or party favors, each piece is unique and one of a kind. We will gladly custom design items for your particular color schemes or styles.

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Garnish a Martini
Garnish Pick made with food-safe nickel wire and glass beads dress up any cocktail...



...or use for serving appetizers or fondue


Make a statement with picks...

Charm With Wine
Clip these unique Wine Charms to the stem of your glass to identify and accessorize drinks at your next soirée ...


...also, this specially designed wine charm will fit even the largest stems.

Dress a Napkin
Our Napkin Rings finish your table setting to perfection and can be made to match your tableware. They come in sets of six on a roll wrapped in hand made paper.

Aluminum Rose Napkin Ring


Beautify A Fan
Simply attach these beautiful fan pulls to your existing ball chain on your ceiling fan and add some elegance or whimsy to the room.


Copper Flower Fan Pull

Adorn a Plant
These handmade Plant Stakes were designed to bring color and whimsy to your garden and houseplants.

Plant Stakes

Plant Stakes


...Our own waterproof plastic tags that
fit into each spiral can be used for
identification and care of plants.

Mark a Book
Each Bookmark comes packaged with a "mini book" and quote about reading.

Save your Wine
Use these beautiful and functional wine savers to preserve that last bit of wine. Made of laboratory grade cork and hand selected beads.


...These make a fabulous hostess gift
alone or tied onto a bottle of wine.

Label Your Food
Two types of Label holders are designed to label your food at your next buffet or potluck. The picks can be used by piercing the food with the pick .


The clips can be clipped to a bowl or a platter with a lip. Use the included cards and place a card in the spiral.


I love the napking rings!  They are just what I was looking for -- unique and elegant.  Thank you, and good luck with your business.



I truly appreciate your generosity and work you put into your art.  I have received the (garnish) picks, and they remind me why individual art is so significant; they are rather quaint and whimsical, even more than you alluded to.  I definitely enjoy the simplicity and capricious taste. Thanks in part to the lovely garnish utensils; the party was loved by everyone. 

Austin, TX


They love the wreaths.. I haven't seen them yet...hope to soon...thank you again...they are most successful, in fact, they are thrilled!

Tucson, AZ


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